Triskell, Cloud PPM for everyone

Triskell is a low-cost, flexible and adaptable Cloud PPM solution for any organization, which makes it functionally competitive with the best-known tools on the market, giving the greatest return in the shortest implementation time.

You can create portfolios, departments, work teams and associate them with initiatives and projects that are approved with a simple process engine.

Thanks to its innovative user interface, you can have several views on your project that allow you to easily plan any aspect of it and any methodology (Gantt, Kanban, project financial management, resource management …).

icon-check_18x16Create portfolios and hierarchical structures of the organization.

icon-check_18x16Generate any type of request and associate it with applications and projects, to have a single point of entry of the demand and use of resources.

icon-check_18x16You can create development projects that have only Kanban and classic projects methodology that have a Gantt, having in a single application all corporate project management.