We help you manage change to a flexible and efficient organization with PPM Technology

We implement and deploy the PPM solutions that best fit your needs to help you manage the change involved in the actual use of the methodology on a tool.

Our team have more than 10 years of experience and their knowledge are certified by the strongest manufacturers companies of the market.

We train your Project Management Office and your administrators for an easy and fast deployment

Our main objective is to maximize the Return On your Investment of the PPM model in the shortest time possible

After the implementation and deployment, we help you to continue along the path of Project Portfolio Management giving you advices to scale the tool and continue with the improving process of  methodology..

We choose the best valued tools in the market to give you the best option, the safest one and the one that gives you a higher return.


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Just one click to get the visibility needed of  information for a good management 

Analyze, manage y decide on your projects at real time. Get ahead of changes

We work with best project management software


With ChangePoint you manage the complete life cycle of your projects and your demand. Align your organization with strategic objectives to gain full visibility. Optimizes the use and allocation of resources and assets of your company.

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The perfect solution for the integral management of organizations that provide services, from the appearance of the customer’s request to its conversion into a new service, through the complete management of the project that produces it.

CA Project Portfolio Management is an integral solution for the management of the demand, projects, portfolio and resources of your organization with which you will have all the information of your organization in a single solution, a single truth.

lg-barometerit_275x108pxBarometerIT is business management software and technology organizations with which you will get a real-time view of the impact of any change in your organization, from the appearance of new initiatives, through changes in systems, to changes in strategies, suppliers , Resources, or any enabler of your business.


Daptiv PPM is the market leading application and portfolio management application in the cloud. Highly configurable and integrable, it allows you to manage from the demand of projects and services to the closing of projects, helping the planning and organization of your business.


Doing a corporate management of your project portfolio is possible without making a large initial investment. Triskell PPM is the solution in the low-cost cloud that will allow you to manage all types of demand and projects, being able to adapt to any organization and integrating within the same without the need of developments.