We apply project management solutions in any sector 

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Gain flexibility and competitiveness with improved process management

Manage the talent towards the commitment and the excellence in the product, portfolio, and services management 

Transform your processes into an agile corporate culture aimed at the market

Our project management solutions

are aligned with your strategic objectives for

the operational improvement of your processes

Change management

Business Intelligence

 Team management and operational efficiency

Products and Services Portfolio Management

Budget Control


 Project Portfolio Management Consulting

We implement a management model to allow you align your business strategy with you day-to-day operations. We get the information from bottom to top in the hierarchy of your company to make the best decisions in a flexible and fast way based on a single truth

PPM Consulting


Our PPM Consulting allows a fast implement of a PPM model thanks to:

icon-check_18x16Process management analysis

icon-check_18x16Definition and improvement of process management

icon-check_18x16Training and implementing the Project Management Office (PMO)

Mainss helps you to build a model that helps you make objective decisions, to improve your processes, to reduce your costs and to maximize the benefit of your projects.

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Agile Consulting


We are experts in Scrum and agile methodologies. We analyze We analyze the software development lifecycle within your organization to define and improve processes with which:

icon-check_18x16Increase time to market

icon-check_18x16Gain Competitiveness and Adaptability

icon-check_18x16Improve customer satisfaction

icon-check_18x16Ensure quality and commitment levels and software delivery

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Our agile and classic models are not excluding 

Thanks to our professional services you can have a bimodal TIC organization, with  the advantages of both management models. 

Technology implantation


We implement the necessary technology  for the correct functioning of the PPM model,  we provide support, training and coaching services abou Project Management tools to the teams involved.


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Just one click to gives you all the information needed for a good management

You can analyze, manage and decide on your projects in real time. Anticipate the changes

Just one Project Management tool to involve all your team

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Our Technology Solutions