Changepoint PSA

Comprehensive management of professional services

Project management from start to finish to accelerate the return of investment, improve the delivery times of your services and improve the satisfaction of your customers.

Changepoint PSA is an integral solution for corporate management of professional services, from the appearance of the customer’s request to its conversion into a new service, through the complete management of the project that produces it. Get all the information of your professional services business in a single truth, in a single integral solution for Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Manage the life cycle of your customers’ requests. Analyzes the cost / benefit impact of new requests. Creates resource plans to maximize their utilization and enable them to cope with hired work. It manages the performance of projects / services and resources. Manage customer satisfaction with surveys. Performs accurate financial planning in real time.

Structure processes

Chagepoint PSA allows you to structure the entire project framework to analyze, monitor and prevent your clients’ opportunities and requirements with 3 key disciplines: Pipeline Management, Resource Planning and Commitment Management.

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To ensure the success of Changepoint PSA projects, it provides the necessary tools to complete these projects on time and budget.


icon-check_18x16Project & portfolio management

icon-check_18x16Resource Management

icon-check_18x16Time and expenses Management

icon-check_18x16Budget Management

icon-check_18x16Billing Recognition of income

icon-check_18x16Comprehensive and simple business analysis

Financial reporting tool

Changepoint PSA provides a simple solution to trace the entire customer lifecycle from service management, delivery and billing. This software of Changepoint allows a better management of the specific billing of services, as well as the expenses derived from them that comes from large service teams. Changepoint provides you with a financial reporting tool thanks to the flow of data from service teams and managers.



icon-check_18x16Cost control

icon-check_18x16Financial Visibility

Manage products

You can use agile project management to develop new products faster. Aligns Stakeholders to define product strategy, converting ideas and concepts more quickly into realities. With Changepoint PSA provides visibility to the needs of your product portfolio. Captures customer comments, requirements and needs for continuous product improvement.