¡Everything in one solution, in only one truth!

  CA Project Portfolio Management is an integral project, portfolio, demand and resources management solution for your organization with which you will have all the information of your organization in a single solution, a single truth.CA PPM (new CA Clarity version) allows you to analyze at the managerial and operational levels, across the organization by investment or portfolio, or vertical by department.

Demand management

CA PPM allows you to register all types of demand, ideas and requests for service or resolution of incidents. It also allows you to prioritize the demand of your company, perform an analysis of the ability of your organization to decide which requests to select and have a trace from the idea was generated until it became product or service through the project.

Project management

It manages any project life cycle implemented in your organization, as well as support the planning processes of dates, time, financial and resources and any type of reporting (hours, project status by value, subjective state, forecasts …

Capacity management

Performs analysis of the capacity of your internal and external resources, by profile and skills at all levels. From project management to portfolio management, to be able to better prioritize and select initiatives with the resources you have at any time and in the future.


Portfolio management

CA PPM defines portfolios of all types of investments (Services, products, projects …) and analyzes the value they give you, prioritizes and selects the investments with the resources and budget constraints of your organization / area / department. You can also make several simulations with the portfolio plans and execute the plan that suits you, analyzing and tracking it.