Barometer IT

Just a few clicks to organize and align all your company



BarometerIT is a business management software and technology organizations with which you will get a real-time view of the impact of any change in your organization, from the appearance of new initiatives, through changes in systems, to changes in strategies, suppliers, resources, or any enabler of your business. You can create and maintain a map of your organization from the most accurate information that will be provided by all of your employees, client suppliers, with a crowd-sourcing model that will help everyone to be aligned with their strategy and that will help keep the talent within your organization.

With Barometer It you can analyze through customizable dashboards the status of your business and the impact of any changes in the technology used in your organization. System managers can show the business in a couple of clicks the impact of the initiatives they have launched, allowing a better assessment of the risks and impact of the change.

Barometer IT Benefits 

icon-check_18x16Greater alignment of business / IT

icon-check_18x16Increased visibility of project dependencies and impacts

icon-check_18x16Cost reduction

icon-check_18x16Acceleration of delivery

icon-check_18x16Optimization of capital allocation

icon-check_18x16Making better decisions aligned to strategy

Barometer It is an easy-to-use and versatile business management software, designed for business architects, fully configurable and can be adapted to any type of organization. It helps to manage any type of portfolio and to analyze the impact of the changes you make

It is a collaboration solution based on crowdsourcing, which means that all your team will collaborate in the decision making in some way (generating information for the map of the business, collaborating in group of work to elaborate the information you need on a system). Thanks to crowdsourcing you will get first-hand real-time information about the state of the elements of your business.

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